just posting a suggestion to anyone on a budget who wants to kick their own ass to train hard

there are hundreds of Life Fitness upright Lifecycles (like a old school 6500HR) available on craigslist all the time, and many of these are barely used if you get one from a homeowner and not a gym.

the thing with these old lifecycles is, they stand up well, and last forever. and you can set watts and try to hold at a specific wattage, or do intervals

-for a given watt level, rpm's don't matter. you pedal slow you pedal fast the system holds you at a specific power level

-the seats suck, but if you can deal with it, a real bike seat is a godsend after riding this in the pain cave.

-they work by chain running a belt which runs an alternator to a fat resistor, and the wattage is 100% accurate and true

-the pedals suck and not interchangeable with spuds, so with the seat and pedal problem, you do sort of have to ride it like a gym rat and not an MTB pilot.

-it will break your legs. try maxing it out for 24 minutes at max watts, unless you are already a pro, good luck with that

you can get these things for 200-300 bucks anywhere, they are a dime a dozen, which is why I am posting this up.

I found one identical to one I used to ride at a hotel gym 14 years ago, (1200 dollars new) and paid 250 for it, it had no wear. brand new but 15 years old. thing runs mint and is a quick way to get some time in and wobble around the house for 5 minutes with fried legs...also setting manual program lets me run some spinervals dvd's with coach troy yelling at me.