If so, I'd love to hear what you've learned to do differently to adapt. Mine is at 50-60% and I've had it since I was three, so it's pretty old hat in most regards. The biggest challenge I'm facing right now is how to handle my breathing best for early on hardcore climbing.

I'm doing a ride tomorrow that has a 2,500 ft elevation gain in the first five miles and I'm getting a little faster and riding more each time, but finding the sweet spot where my breathing catches on at all has been really difficult on rides like this.

On anything else, I have learned to keep my breathing deliberately slow with the inhalation shorter than my exhalation, while holding my breath in between. When I am able to pull this off, my breathing transitions without my sounding like I am going into an asthmatic attack and everything just flows and I feel like I can ride forever.

Any help or advice you have would be dearly appreciated. Feel free to pm me if you'd rather than post here and thanks for your help.