Hey there,

I am currently looking at buying my first proper Hard Tail XC racer, and seeing as the dollar here in Australia is getting pretty good, I though I would order something from overseas (most likely an online US store).

I am getting very seriously into my XC races, both shorter club events and longer enduros, so I am looking at a complete bike of a good initial quality, which I can upgrade parts and weight weenie when they wear out to eventually make one serious bike down the track (going to try for around the 8-8.5kg mark).

So preferably looking for a top-range quality carbon frame (cannot afford ti), that will remain top quality, and mid range components like Sram X9, alloy handlebars etc etc.

My question is, are there any good deals out there at the moment on any online stores (that will be around the next few weeks), for around the US$2800 mark? I have factored in the $500 or so for shipping to Australia.

I so far have found a good deal on a Look 986 X9 build for about $3200 shipped to Australia, and a Scott Scale 30 for a couple of hundred more. The Scale seems to be a good frame to base the build on (and it seems to be a popular choice for the weight weenies), and the Scale 30 is definitely a good mid range component set… but there is something about the Look that really does it for me, and it seems to get superb reviews….

Hmm, is anyone kind enough to recommend any web deals on certain pro XC-HTs, or excellent web stores to investigate?