Dear friends!
I would like to present You 3rd Bike Challenge - a MTB Satge Race in Poland and Czech Republic.

Bike Challenge 2007 – Central European mountainous adventure for the third time.

After successful 2006 event, which was held this year's July on the Polish – Czech Republic borderline we are pleased to present the 2007 Bike Challenge route.
The event will start 22.07 in Duszniki Zdroj (Poland) and finish 28.07.2007 in Kudowa Zdroj (Poland). Whole race is ~400km long with ~12.000m of denivelation and is split to six stages of 50 – 77km length.

The race will guide riders through one of the most beautiful regions in Central Europe: Kotlina Klodzka and surrounding mountains and National Parks (Park Narodowy Gor Stolowych, Borumovskie Steny). Every stage have different characteristic and offers some special features. Main of them are: the memory of WW II: the Underground City of Osowka (riders will ride through the tunnels), the Silver Mountain Fortress (the biggest saved XIX century system of military fortifications), Teplickie Skaly and Gory Stolowe (ancient mountain, rocky formations) and many more. Racers will ride through 10 mountain formations with seven peaks over 1000m. But the most attractive are hundreds of unforgettable mountain bike paths, which you can't find in any other point of Europe. Although the mountains aren't as high as the Alps, they offer steep, long climbs and tremendous downhills together with wild scenery, technique and the joy of riding.
What is more, the mountainous regions in Central Europe are one of the wildest and have an ecosystem unchanged with civilization.
On the other hand, one of the most practical features of Bike Challenge route is its circuit character – start of the event is separated from the destination place in the distance of just 10km – participants don't have to worry about transport form the finish to the start place!!

2007 Bike Challenge route details:
Etap 1 - 23.07.2007: Duszniki Zdrój (Poland) - Kraliki (Czech Republic) - 77 km
Etap 2 - 24.07.2007: Kraliki (Czech Republic) - Stronie Śląskie (Poland) - 67 km
Etap 3 - 25.07.2007: Stronie Śląskie (Poland) - Bardo (Poland) - 67 km
Etap 4 - 26.07.2007: Bardo (Poland) - Głuszyca (Poland) - 50 km
Etap 5 - 27.07.2007: Głuszyca (Poland) - Teplice n/Metui (Czech Republic) - 72 km
Etap 6 - 28.07.2007: Teplice n/Metui (Czech Republic) - Kudowa Zdrój (Poland) - 65 km

What is Bike Challenge?
Bike Challenge is a mountain bike stage race organized in a Polish – Chech cooperation of Grzegorz Golonko (owner of the biggest MTB marathon series in Poland) and Vena Hornych (one of the best Czech marathon racer). The idea is simple and bases on the experience of such events as Trans Alp, Trans Rockies etc. : riders compete in two – person teams on the route of classic mountain bike marathons. There are four categories of teams: man, woman, mix and masters (sum of age over 80). Organizer assures food, accommodation, luggage transport and medical service for all riders. In 2007 Bike Challenge will be held for the third time. In the last edition over 400 people from 12 European countries took part.
Winners of categories were:
Man: Pitr Bikes (Frantisek Zilak, Petr Sulzbacher, CZE)
Mix: KTM Profil (Barbora Radova, Tomas Najser, CZE)
Woman: KHS Rock Machine Cyclomax (Petra Schicktanzová, Dagmar Svěráková, CZE)
Masters: Wsol Sport (Zbigniew Orlowski, Marek Witkiewicz, POL)

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