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    Cool-blue Rhythm What do you ladies do to cross-train/train during the off-season?

    Hello! So considering that it's winter and many of us are off the bike (except for you lucky people in warm climates, those with fatbikes, or those who brave the cold) I was wondering how you guys are keeping fit in the off-season? This winter is only my second "off-season" (meaning I go from riding about 5x a week to twice a month) since I've been riding, so I'm still refining my off-the-bike conditioning routine.

    I'm don't ride competitively (yet), nor do I ride for exercise; rather I ride for fun. And-obviously-it is much more fun with you can shred a trail without feeling like you're going to puke up a lung. I want to stay in shape/improve my fitness this winter so that when riding weather hits I can hit the trails without feeling like death on two wheels.

    Last winter I purchased/completed the Insanity workout by Beachbody. They were great for building cardio and muscle endurance. I have again started this workout, and have been doing weight training 3-4x/week. The weight training has been to improve my arm strength, so that I will be able to wheelie/manual longer and have more control over jumps and drops. I ride mostly all-mountain type terrain so I'm going for both cardio endurance and strength.

    What are your ladies' off-season workout regimens? I would love to hear what works for other women! Are there any specific workouts you recommend to help with specific skills?

    Looking forward to what people have to say

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    What do you ladies do to cross-train/train during the off-season?

    I live on the central CA coast. What's an "off-season"?

    Well, when we used to actually have rainy winters, what most people would do is use a trainer. (I have one that I bought used, and I never use it!)
    There are workout vids to make it more interesting.

    My gym has a stationary bike with a screen that plays an animated bike ride simulation, and the pedaling would get harder as you went up the "hills". It was surprisingly helpful to my fitness.

    James Wilson has a whole heap of strength training programs for mtn bikers. They are hard!

    Ryan Leech has some yoga vids that you can buy online on vimeo. They are perfect for tight quads and hip flexors. Just did one tonight! Love them.

    Anyway, just some ideas to get the thread going...

    Happy x-training!
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    I live in southeastern WY and actually just wrapped up cyclocross season... around these parts riding never really stops, you're mostly limited by clothing and cold tolerance (I raced in 10-20 degree weather several times!). I'm not into the fat biking thing, so I do lots and lots and lots of stuff on the trainer, and on "good" days (meaning 40 degrees and no 30mph winds) I'll try to get out and road ride and even mountain bike when the trails are dry, which usually means heading down 40 miles to Colorado where stuff is a lot milder. I do not really cross train with anything else. Cycling is my thing, so I run with it. I am thinking of adding in some yoga, but that's about all.

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    I like cyclocross, intense trail work, and mixed martial arts.
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    Spin class for keeping the legs in cycling shape, yoga/pilates for stretching and toning, and trying a "boot camp" class this year to get some cardio and upper body workouts. I need variety or I get bored. I, too, am riding about twice a month if the weather cooperates.

    Oh, and downhill skiing and some snowshoeing, too. Winter sports rock
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    You guys are overachievers. I eat pizza.

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    ^^Haha With beer!

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    Working on my upper body strength with crutches for the next few weeks, then back on the trainer and outside on my fatbike (hopefully no more black ice booby traps)

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlonbike View Post
    You guys are overachievers. I eat pizza.
    Quote Originally Posted by mtbxplorer View Post
    ^^Haha With beer!
    My favorite cross-training activities! ^^
    Along with traveling to warmer climates to play during the holiday--fortunately, the siblings live in the south. Christmas at my sister's house where it's 70+ degrees in December!

    And the not-quite-as-much-fun ones:
    running and hiking hills (where ever there are dry trails)
    rowing (indoor)
    strength training with a trainer

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