Anybody have an experience with any of Voler's 4 pads or 2 fabrics?

4 hour ride time
Seamless construction
Antibacterial fabric
perforated for breathability

5 hour ride time
Perfect for long distance training and racing
Five layer construction

Chrono SLM:
6 hours of ride time
seamless construction
antibacterial Soflex Nylon
perforated for breathability
4 way stretch

Comp HP:
6+ hours of ride time
Seamless 3D construction
EIT Carbonium Microfibre fabric
Four density foams
4 way stretch

The problem is without checking it out physically, this basically all says the same thing to me.

There's two types of fabric too: Triton and Forza. I think I'm just going to get the cheaper one based on nothing but cheapness. haha. I would prefer tougher fabric that resist pilling and my unique ability to lean into walls of velcro but of course that info is not out there. I like how the description says, "visually opaque."

Need info soon as ordering is closing for me in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance and TGIF!