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    Setting up an Air Fork

    I'm looking into getting my wife a specialized carve with an air fork. She is about 120lbs, and it doesnt even list a pressure for that weight. Is it ok to go lower than whats listed, maybe 5 psi at a time?
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    Doesn't matter what the fork says. She has to sit on it to set the sag correctly, just like a guy

    The percent sag depends on what the vendor recommends, and usually people use that as a baseline. Then people adjust accordingly. For example, Ibis recommends 30% sag in the rear of their HD, but some people run it at 35%. For the front, people have recommended 25-30%. Ventana recommends 30% for their bikes front and rear, but I found running it at 25% front and rear fit me better.

    Best to take her in for a fitting IMO.

    Kinda interesting.. I've seen very few people set up their forks or suspension correctly and end up getting hurt becaue of bad rebound or compression settings for them.

    A quick Google search on setting sag:
    Fork tuning for beginners | Bike Magic

    Setting fork sag: how to do it correctly?

    Don't forget to set rebound and compression correctly too! mountain bike site for women, by women

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