I have found a listing for a 2010 Lefty Scalpel 2 sized feminine petite.

I am 5-3/5-4 (depending on how much I stretch up..lol). I used to have a small joshua F2 by gary fisher.. way on back in the day.. and liked it a lot.

I recently bought a trek marlin mens version in 15.5 (their small) and the bike just feels big and cumbersome to me.

I went and looked at a 2003 Jamis Dakar XC in XS Mens.. and that fit pretty good, but at 750.. and for a pretty well used bike, I am leery of spending that much money.

Looking for people who might have an opinion on whether a cannondale Lefty feminine in petite would even be an option.. or whether I am just too far out of the ballpark in size to consider the bike. The bike isn't "free".. and I don't want to waste their time if there is virtually "no way" the setup will work (without a lot of extra cost).

I am just getting back into biking after a 10 year hiatus.. so I may "grow to love" the larger bike.. but having a smaller more suitable FS bike may ease that transition.. since that is what I used to ride.

Thanks in advance!