• 01-28-2013
    Need help sizing for my wife.
    Well wife loves how the Giant Cyphers look such as the 2011 and the 2012 trance x1 w. Problem being is she does not have a chance to try them out before we buy. She is 5'5 with a 30" inseam without shoes and with shoes you add a inch or so. I found a medium 2011 cypher 2 for 1500 in Sierra Vista and owner said they would ship the bike. I own a 2011 Giant reign that is slightly larger than the cypher and wife feels it is a tad too large for stand over.the specs for my reign are

    HA, SA TT HT CS WB Standover
    M 67.50 73.50 23.20 5.00 17.20 44.50 31.90
    and the cypher
    M/18 69.50 73.50 22.24 5.90 17.10 42.80 31.80
    2012 trance x w
    M/18 69.5 73.5 22.2 5.9 17.1 42.8 29.1

    Of course the trance x w will be 2k or above, so which way to? Would she need a small or would a medium work?
  • 01-29-2013
    Can any of the ladies help? Just want her to be comfortable.
  • 01-29-2013
    I'd go with a small. I'm 5'6" when I stand up straight and a bit of 'tweeter in sizes, but find a small frame more comfortable and easier to adjust than a medium.
  • 01-31-2013
    Hey Chef- Another option for your wife is the Trance X 29'er (non- WSD) size small. I am 5' 7" without shoes and the small fits me great. I fretted about sizing because I ride a medium in other bikes. However the TX29'er geometry is different. I was also concerned about toe overlap but there is none despite my big clown feet. And the Standover is phenomenal at ~27.5". I just need to trim the bars and install some bling. The TX 29'er is also available in xs.
  • 02-01-2013
    I second the Trance X 29er. Size small for me, too at 5'4". I also trimmed my bars down a bit. Absolutely amazing bike!