Hi all, would be hugely greatful if you could pass this onto ladies you know who ride MTB, would really appreciate their feedback! It's a womens specific survey and website so no blokes please!

I'm currently conducting some research for a project I'm doing for my degree in Media & Communications. The aim of the project is to produce a website design aimed at a specific audience which may defy social convention. As a very keen mountain biker, I've decided to pursue this direction and join my two passions of cycling and the media.

The newly proposed website will be aimed primarily at women mountain bikers, a gap in the market I feel would be well addressed as there is little content for women when compared to that offered for men. The following questionnaires are based on 3 popular mountain bike and cycling websites, if I could ask to take a few minutes of your time to answer the questionnaires for each website, your feedback would be greatly appreciated

The questionnaire is aimed specifically at women, and I would also greatly appreciate if you would pass on this thread to other female cyclists, as I value the input I will receive from this and the more information and feedback I can gather the better the website will be!

The questionnaires for each of the websites I am researching are below, if you could browse the homepages of each website, noting you opinions on layout, colour, font and content and whether it visually appeals to you, before answering the questions.

Bikeradar.com - Website Design - Bikeradar.com Survey

Pinkbike.com - Website Design - Pinkbike.com Survey

Vitalmtb.com - Website Design - Vitalmtb.com Survey

Many thanks for you time and I really appreciate any feedback I receive, it will be massively helpful to my project!