Anyone have input on getting this bike for wife for xmas? Saw a decent deal on one (subject above).

We live in Houston area and its flat but trails are rooted badly and we can travel to Austin and other locales where there is more terrain, but we are not doing "downhill" or lift assisted. Looking for AM / XC.

She has ridden MS150, has a Ti road bike, but her mtn bike is severely outdated. I have a decent FS rig and got my oldest daughter a FS bike (Kona 4 deluxe) and a Marin 24" HT for the younger one, so she needs a bike.

This Marin has a bent top tube seems friendly to those who want more space, a good thing for her on a taller FS ride.

Not sure about 29 but it seems to be well known for making riding easier and faster. I got my 26 right before 29's became in my price range, so I'm only relying on reviews. If she was smaller Id go 650b for sure, but those are not cheap now. I am somewhat budget oriented but want a quality frame to last her a long time.

Basically, 29r good? or I could score a deal on a 26r for sure used and she'd be fine with that (I am bike mech skilled)