After a fun filled weekend of DH...including ripping the butt out of my shorts about 1/4 of the way down (awesome!). I've decided it's time to get armour. I've bought the women's Mace Swat jacket.

Of course, now I have buyer's remorse. Did I get it too big, am I going to hate it etc... The Medium was too small, I couldn't zip it up without the bottom part of the jacket digging into my waist...I bought the large, which is comfy, but I wonder if it's too big because I can freely move my shoulders around and I can pull the armour away from by boobs easily. The bottom of the "jacket" sits at the top of my hips, but the kidney belt does cover the kidney region. The back feels great and in "riding position" it feels good and everything seems in place. I tried the Men's small and it was way too big and the chest plate only covered about 1/2 of the boob region.

Any thoughts anyone?

Oh and I bought new shorts that shouldn't have a "butt incident". I've also decided to wear funny underwear in case it ever happens again!