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    Good job! It's not gnar, but hey.. :)

    So I love the HD. This may not be gnar, but man, the bike rocks. Here's me at the jumps today at Arastradero in Palo Alto.

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    I like mtn biking, too
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    Lookin' great there Stripes! Great decision on your new bike, if I do say so myself! Nice attack position - perfect actually.
    Half the planet is deep into bloody tribal mayhem. We’re just riding bikes (and drinking beer) here.

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    Great pix, Stripes! Looking good on the new bike. Looks like a super blue day too.

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    Great bike. I've had the SL for almost 3 years and I LOVE it!!

    Now you need the accessories: pub glass and head badge necklace are musts!

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    Ibis FTW!

    My 'classic' Mojo likes air more than any bike I've ever owned... not sure why, since the pilot is old and nervous about that sort of thing, lol. "Sloe" has enticed me into doing more than a few things I'd never done before.
    "...Some local fiend had built it with his own three hands..."

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    9 lives
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    Love those pics Stripes!
    Getting air and hunkering down... awesome!
    F*ck Cancer

    Eat your veggies

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    It's not gnar, but hey.. :)

    Great shots!

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    Where the heck is the "drool" emoticon? Those are awesome shots, especially the first one! I'm super-inspired now, and maybe a bit jealous, too . You go, Girl!

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    Awesome pics! And who's your "grom" coach?

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    Great pics! Looks like a lot of fun. I wish we had some trails like that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
    Thanks everyone. The photographer is my grom coach:

    He deserves some credit too (I took this photo, he took the ones of me).
    ...I had a good time riding with you guys there, I hadn't pedaled that much in a long time. I sure wanted to get the landind nailed down on that hip jump :-) he's a good kid and your not that bad yourself. I'm looking forward to riding with guys some more...ralph
    i need to ride more. building jumps takes to much other hobby is kicking the crap outta my home built mook jong.

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    see me rollin, they hatin
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    ibis's are so sexy. i remember when that was my dream bike, but there was something a little bit off about the geometry, since i ride XS sized bikes. still....hawt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shredchic View Post
    Lookin' great there Stripes! Great decision on your new bike, if I do say so myself! Nice attack position - perfect actually.
    My thoughts exactly!
    I've taken a Better Ride clinic and had a refresher with some Better Ride influenced folks, and am trying to incorporate that approach.

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