Just got a pair of Giro road bike shoes for my birthday and love them. Up to this point only Sidis have fit my long, narrow feet, but the Giros feel very comfy and are narrow enough in the heel.

I'm considering getting a pair of Giro mtn bike shoes to replace my aging Sidis in the next few months.
Is anyone using them? Love my Sidi mtn bike shoes but, hoohwee, they are mega pricy AND my current Sidi mtn bike shoes do not seem as durable as my original pair. My thinking had been that it was OK to put out the $$ up front for a pair of bike shoes that could last for 5 years, but since my current pair of Sidis are really looking shredded after two years of not riding all that much, I'm letting go of that idea.

My main requirements are
ratchet buckle
not necessarily in that order.