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    Female Mountain Bike Apparel

    I am very new to mountain biking and I rode on my first trail yesterday. I had so much fun and would definitely do it again.
    But I have an issue. My crotch hurts. HA go figure. My boyfriend who was an avid mountain biker 5 years ago did suggest for me to get padded shorts but I declined since I though that since I do crossfit, nothing will hurt as much. But it does.

    I want to get reviews from women who had bought women's mountain bike apparel and what their reviews are on certain padded shorts, gloves or high socks etc. Basically I just want to know what women out there think about the best clothing or accessories they have bought that they deem worth paying the price for. I just dont want to buy expensive clothing or accessories out of the whim without knowing how people really thought about the durability or performance of the product is.

    If you could please kindly give me your input. I live in Florida and will mostly be going on trails down here, its mostly sandy and hot..So maybe anyone who has an input on summer apparel will work.

    Thank you so much in advance! hope to hear from you!

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    My favourite brand of shorts/padded liners is Jett. Favourite sock is sock guy and best shirts are Icebreaker (merino wool for wicking). Look for a liner with mesh legs/body to keep you cool. Also buy more than 1 once you get a pair you like. NEVER wear your chamois or liner more than once and get out of it ASAP to avoid bacteria build up from sweat and chaffing (otherwise saddle sores can arrise). I use butt butter for lubricant for liners, there are many different brands to use.

    I also like Pearl Izumi for a lot, however I find their liners a little short for me. You may want to look at a some sun sleeves if it is really sunny and hot. Although I find they don't work as well in humidity.

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    My wife likes her Louis Garneau baggy shorts and had the same comment about Pearl Izumi (that the liners were too short).

    I've had good luck with Sugoi, Dakine, and Fox products, although I wasn't thrilled with the Fox shorts liner . I like their jerseys a lot.

    x2 on the buy multiples of things you like.

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    Thirding the "buy multiples" idea. Just make sure you are getting the same thing - manufacturers change fabrics/styles/sizings from season to season and the short you loved last year could be a big WTF this year. :koff: SheBeest Triple-S :koff:

    I'm having a conundrum right now myself, because I love SheBeest's chamois but no longer love their shorts. The PI shorts are nice, but there's just something a bit off about the chamois for me.

    Gloves: Not sure if you have "like a nun with a ruler" trails in FLA but around here (PNW) full-fingered are a must to keep your digits whole.

    Jerseys: Natural fibers rule here, but the wool ones can be expensive and if they're light enough weight to keep you cool in the summer, they seem much more susceptible to tearing.
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    You don't need to buy expensive jerseys. If you do crossfit or other sports, you can wear those athletic tops (just not cotton). I have a few of these - The North Face Reaxion T-Shirt - Women's at - in various colors.

    I do own bike socks and liner shorts. I prefer the Sugoi chamois the most, and I have bought several pair over the last couple of years (from when I started out road biking) - two pair of shorts, one mid-calf and one full leg. (I live in Northern CA, where it can get colder in the fall and winter - you may not need full leg.) I also have 3 pair of "over" shorts from varying brands. They are designed for biking, so they have ventilation and pockets in the proper places.

    For socks - I pick thinner ones, kind of like skiing. And I pick cute ones. I'm not brand loyal.

    One more thing - I'm not sure what kind of bike you're on and whether it has water bottle mounts, but you might want to look into a hydration pack. I have a Camelbak and it is awesome for staying hydrated on the trail, especially since you're in Florida.

    Have fun!

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    I am trying to search for MTB shorts. And all I am seeing are probably a hand full of selection for MTB shorts that basically looks like guy shorts..Then the rest are triathlon shorts that have chamois lining and minimal padding, moisture wicking, light weight... Are those enough or are those just linings then you get the MTB shorts? I am so confused because there is not much selection for MTB apparel for women and more for cycling and triathlon clothes.

    I really don't care about the jerseys because I have crossfit tops that are perfect for it but do not have much of arm protection. But it is really hot down here in FL so I think its good. I am worried about my legs...

    One thing I am concerned about the baggy shorts are the fact that it can get hooked into branches.. Is that accurate to say or no? I like the cycling short look because the fabric is breathable and feel more comfortable but I dont think it has enough padding....

    I was thinking about wearing my crossfit tops and wearing those triathlon shorts with long socks to cover up the lower part of my legs. Would that suffice or no?

    Thanks so much for the input... =)

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    If the shorts say liner, then they are meant to be worn under baggy shorts. If not, you can wear them on their own, they would be the same as what road cyclist wear, and I would imagine would have the same padding as a liner for MTB shorts. There are not usually concerns about catching on branches etc, I guess it could happen but no one I know has experienced that.

    Long socks can be a good idea if you go through areas of low rough brush and narrow trail, otherwise they are not really necessary unless it's cold.

    Up here you would be deemed a 'tourist' if you were lycra clad and long socks. LOL. All the locals wear baggy shorts for MTB. But things could be very different where you are. When we go to Utah we see a lot more lycra, but then they might be mostly tourists we are seeing. After heading out for a few rides you will get the feel for what people wear in your neck of the woods.

    and +1 on the hydration pack, totally necessary, a bottle of water is not usually enough and you need to be carrying a spare tube, tools, pump, food, suncreen etc.

    PS are you looking on line or in your local bike shops? If you have a LBS in your area that stocks MTB they should stock MTB clothes.

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    I find the baggies fend off the branches better than lycra. Nothing worse than unplanned exposure after your lycra gets a hole in it. I usually wear them over a good pair of road shorts, as the liners look pretty poor to me. The wool T's feel and smell better than any synthetic fabric.

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