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    Crashes on the Cobbles

    Rain Leads to Crashes in Women’s Race on Champs-Élysées

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    We watched that! Holy MF Crap! Those ladies are tough. Now we just need more live coverage.

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    only got to see highlights of it this year (not part of the tv package). congrats to all the women - it looked brutal. have to admit I felt like all of the laps for the guys should have counted - don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but it made it seem like the women were being used as test subjects for how slippery it was (and then it was decided the men couldn’t handle it )

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    Out of 21 days of TDF coverage, that was the only mention of the women's race. There was no other coverage of it, at least on NBCSports. As for the one lap men's thing... the scorekeeping of points, times etc for the men is very complex and there are some things that can be decided "day of". My hub is very good at tracking and explaining these things. Me, not so much lol I just like to watch them climb.

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