I just purchased a Surly Disc Trucker frameset for my wife. Color is maroon #79 (see below for pic). I am just looking for ideas to build up this bike.

All I have so far is a brown brooks flyer saddle and matching bar tape/grips (brown). The maroon color is sort of ugly by itself, so I was thinking turquoise highlights. So, maybe a turq.-colored fenders, seat collar, and some color matching stickers on the frame (ideas? Maybe something like this?). I suck at color-matching, design, and basically anything to do with style.

Just for info-sake, here is the rest of the build:

Albatross handlebars
Crossland wheelset (26)
Mondial tires (2.0)
Some silver colored stem/seat post
BB7 brakes/Avid SD7 levers
12-36 rear/SLX derailleur
32T front (1x9 set up)
Small rack up front, like a Nitto.
Some sort of cool canvas rear bag for the Brooks

Any input would be appreciated. This is for her birthday, but it's not for several weeks.

Color-scheme ideas needed!-sdt46.jpg