Apologies if this comes off as spam, but I know how hard it is to find appropriately sized bikes for smaller women- we're not going to need this and I'd like it to go to someone who will enjoy it. It's really too good to be a "girlfriend" ride.
I've got a bike that was recently built up for my daughter from good spares/some new parts. It's a Norco B-line; 24" rear wheel (4.7" travel), 26" wheel Marzocchi DJ1 fork (4") up front. Rides real nice/very tight and clean. 3x9 drivetrain.
I thought she'd want it as a transition between XC racing and lift service DH, but she jumped right onto the DHR and railed(!), so it's not needed. She's 5'2" in cleats at most, maybe 110 lbs., and it was set up and sprung to fit her for AM/FR- lots of room for weight transfer and appropriately tuned.

Not looking to make a killing, our "bike shop" is just too crowded. Message me here if you're interested and I'll send some pics and specs.