Hey Gals,

So I am looking to get my wife onto a Norco. I am currently riding a Team DH and a Sight KillerB2, and she is on a Vixa set up for park riding.

We are looking at getting her onto a lighter xc/trail bike. She has been demo'ing a few 29ers lately, and is digging the new female friendly 29er offerings from Trek and Specialized. They are good options, but the shop we primarily deal with doesn't deal either of those, and is a big Norco dealer and is willing to give us a pretty smoking deal on one...

She needs an ETT of about 21.5-22.5 (with a shorty stem), and a stand-over of around 28". The Sight B3 XS, at least looking at the numbers, would fit her. I'd like to try her on the revolver or the shinobi, but the numbers are a bit big in the small. Of course, there are some great options in 26", but she has lately been liking the larger wheels (bigger is better apparently???), so I wouldn't mind getting her onto a 650b at least, if not a 29er...

Just curious if any the female riders out there can chime in on their experiences with Norco's non-forma bikes?