29-er for 5'2" Woman?

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  • 01-13-2013

    Originally Posted by LB412 View Post
    I am adding a Kronlog to my TB LTc next week. Shop said no problem.

    Sure, any dropper post will FIT just fine. The problem is extension. How much seat post is showing? In my fiancÚ's case, it would be difficult to fit a 3inch dropper - certainly not a 4.
  • 01-13-2013
    Good point
  • 02-25-2013
    5'2 female

    Giant rainer small 29er with a few mods. Answer 2 in riser bars. Dj stem. Dtswiss wheelset. Running a nice pair of schwalbe slicks was the perfect fitment and cruzes nicely at high preasure.

    Stock wheel set has kendas w nobbs which i rerely use. Thats it. Bike was 600 and wheelset was 800 lol but its gotthe job done with room to grow.