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    20+ Years Later, an Arrest

    Warning, the crimes were disturbing. Both women were on their bikes.

    Ariz. man arrested in 1990s cold-case murders of 2 women - NY Daily News

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    Ugh. I'm glad they caught the !&#@*($%.

    There was a similar incident about 20-25 years ago in DC; some guy was hanging out on a bike path & attacked a pedestrian (got away), a bike rider (also got away), and another pedestrian (didn't make it). They caught him pretty quickly IIRC, but it made me nervous for a loooong time.
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    ^ Definitely the one thing I *don't* like to think about when I'm riding alone. Hopefully it wouldn't be a problem out on the trails. There's been a couple of times I've been spooked by people - enough where the little hairs on the back of your neck raise up. I went another way - quickly.

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    I've GOT to get some pepper spray..yikes
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    Part of why I never ride with music. As nice as it would be to zone into something while zooming a trail or path, the risk is not worth it to lose sense of awareness. Unless there is a gun involved, the attacker only has the advantage of surprise and not on speed.
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    Glad they finally caught this murderer. Advances in DNA processing and the interwebs mean a lot more bad guys are being taken off the streets. Also very glad the teen daughter will no longer be living with this man.
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