I'm in the market for 2 bikes, 4-5 inch xc bike, and a full blown DH bike.(I'm a friend of Reamer's btw) He mentioned to post up in the best deals section as there are some shops out there that have some great deals on older left over models. I also know that there are other guys out there looking for left overs so if you are a shop, or even a lucky SOB that lives in an area that has great deals from shops like wheelworld, performance, etc...post it up for those of us who are stuck with shops who still list 2004's at full retail.

I'm open to just about anything with a decent deal, I'd like to get 2 bikes, an xc fs, and a 8&8 DH.


Kona Stinky Supreme's
Kona Stab primo's
Giant DH's
Norco A-line's
Norco Shore
Norco Team DH
etc etc...

Kona dawg
kona bear
spec. xc
etc etc...