If anyone is interested....I was at local bike shop here in Gainesville, Florida, today and saw a very nice Dean Colonel Ti Demo frame at a reduced price of $599. XL size, unpainted bare Ti color, geared version, with both disc and caliper brake bosses, 26" wheel frame.

It was in very good shape, it had one or two very minor scuffs along the bottom of the down tube and the Dean decal on the downtube was a little scratched and frayed in spots. Otherwise it looked like new. No headset or fork, but it did have a black seatpost clamp.

Bike shop: Bike Route, Gainesville, Florida (address and number on their website, sorry I don't have it handy).

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to this shop, any other shop or manufacturer, nor do I have any financial interest in this frame. I am only posting this because it looked like a good deal. If I still rode 26" MTBs (I switched to 29ers a couple of years ago and don't have any 26" bikes any longer) I would have seriously considered it since it's my size and I'd been looking for a Ti HT frame for some time before switching. Had it been their 29er Ti frame, it would be mine right now.