Woot has the Sierra Designs Garnet 20 back pack on special for a few more days and it works great for riding. It might be a little big for CC guys, comes in 2 sizes, I bought the med/lrg and i'm 5-10"...fits great. It doesn't come with a reservoir, so you'll have to use one from your current pack. I'm using a reservoir from an Osprey Raptor 14 100 oz. The last few months I've taking a small tri-pod out on my rides and none of my current packs had enough room for it. This pack has plenty of room for a rain jacket, tri-pod, tools, 4-Coors 8oz Margarita cans and a few shots of fireball whiskey...JK.
I do wish it had more individual compartments for tools, but the overall size of the pack and attention to detail, makes this a hella steal.The sternum strap has whistle built into it, the side pockets on the waist are zippered and are removable. Exo-skeleton on the back is the bees knees, when it comes to ventilation and support. It's about the same weight as my osprey 14 and when summer rolls back around, I'll have enough room to carry and extra 70oz of water. Anyways, I'm really happy with this pack, if you were to buy it and didn't like it. You could probably sell it on c-list for a small profit or at least make your money back. Here's a few links...Thx Jeff

Garnet 20 Day Pack - Blue Jewel

Sierra Designs Garnet 20 Backpack-1 - YouTube