• 06-27-2004
    LX or XT front Disc hubs???
    Anyone know where one such as myself could get a a ISO front disc hub Deore LX or XT level (doesn't need to be Shimano though) - 32H, color not a big deal. It is for my seldom used second wheelset that I only use in the snow or pavement, so I don't need to go high-end. I have been scouting eBay but with shipping costs and risk of being outbid, it would be cheaper to mail order them. any help?

  • 06-28-2004
    Get a real hub from chucksbikes, they are well built, light and durable. Some users have had issues with the rear hub though.


    I used one for 4 yrs with 0 problems.
  • 07-06-2004
    Thanks, any other sources?
  • 07-07-2004

    Cambria Hot Deals. Theres a few nice and cheap hubs in there. Call when you order because the Hot Deal section doesn't always match inventory.


    Originally Posted by CaptainKodak
    Thanks, any other sources?