Found this thread over at advrider while searching armor threads.

We will no longer be importing the Knox Ricochet. So we are blowing out the remainder of the stock.

SIze 3 4 5 6 plates $20 Plus shipping
SIze 7 8 & 9 $49 plus shipping..

Just put " I saw it on ADVrider" in the additional Instructions section and we will adjust the price to this ADVRider Special.

Knox Ricochet Back Protector

Product Details & More Images

BLOW OUT SALE ON ALL RICOCHETS! Technically advanced slimline design Knox Ricochet Motorcycle Armor. The most comprehensive sizing range available. Comprehensive size range to fit every torso length including Children, Women and Men. This motorcycle protective clothing is one of the true secrets behind the scene. Have you ever wondered how the pro's take so many hits and still keep riding for the finish line? What is under your protective motorcycle clothing is just as important as your motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants. Always rely on Knox motorcycle Armour to take you to the finish line. Available in 5 Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Plates

We also have some Stowaways to Liquidate.

Just order a Knox Ricochet Back Protector and in the additional instructions section put I want a Stowaway for $40.. Credit card and Paypal will be adjusted to this amount plus shipping. Come in Small and Large.

Adding the link to the other review they did for the Ricochet, and the SPTG video review.