this is the name of the ebay member that is getting rid of all kinds of nema stuff. i picked up a jersey, 2 pairs of nema shorts, and 1 pair of descente shorts from them for a whopping total of $125 w/ shipping.
that may sound like a lot but if you go into you lbs you'll find that a pair of spec. or oakley shorts run anywhere from $65-90....the fox epics are $125 themselves!

not going to lie, i waited to post this until my auctions ended. they still have a number of things although some are posted in the ebay member stores area below the search results.

why post this? i have been looking for new shorts recently....the hot shoppe design shorts are only avail. in bulk, the snaps on the oakley's i have are terrible, the epics are too pricey, and i simply can't find the pearl izumi's that i like in shops. i have some of the older nema shorts and liked them, so i did a search on ebay.