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Thread: Jenson - WOW!

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    Jenson - WOW!

    This isn't a referal for a particular deal, but just had to share my experience. (I'm in western Canada).

    I spent a little time yesterday researching what new helmet to get, and decided on the Fox Striker. A somewhat local online supplier was out of stock, so I looked on some US sites. I found the helmet on sale on Backcountry for $77.95, but had also heard good things about Jenson in regards to the shipping costs/duties/taxes/hassles inherent with shipping across the border, which they take care of. Unfortunately their price was $119.95, but I saw the "Request a Price Match" link and pasted in the URL from Backcountry. Within about a minute I got an email saying that it was approved!

    So at about 4:45 pm PST yesterday, I placed the order with Jenson, with a guaranteed delivery date of the 23rd (a week away).

    I went for a late afternoon ride today, and when I got back, the box was on my doorstep! Unbelievable.

    Jenson - you rock!

    BTW: In case anyone reading this is wondering about a sizing issue with this particular helmet (and can't try one on in person), I was really concerned, because my head size is 58.5, which is exactly in between the Small/Medium and the Large/Extra Large. I was rolling the dice with this online purchase, and I can happily report that the Small/Medium that I ordered fits perfectly.
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    I am lucky enough to live 15 minutes from the Will Call shop and about 35 minutes from the Corona store. I have ordered online and picked up from the store (great ppl who are more than willing to help out) and even had my orders delivered to my door during my work week when i can't make it during their business hours. I've also dropped by and ordered directly from the shop after a ride and they filled my order quickly. Price match and great return policies. Customer service at the full store it top notch as well.

    I can't say enough great things about them. Got my bike scheduled for a brake bleed on Monday as well. They are what LBS.s should look up to. Local bike shop personality with competitive online prices and resource to back it up. Awesome in the pure sense of the word.

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    Since we're raining praise on Jenson I'll just add my $0.02 here too. Had Jenson price match a killer deal on XTR Trail disc brakes this past Wednesday. They shipped for free the same day and upgraded me to overnight shipping. Showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I'm in Nor Cal and they're in So Cal so it didn't have to travel far but excellent service nonetheless
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    Jenson has always been good to me. The funny thing is that I recently did the opposite and price matched a Jenson item with Backcountry. Backcountry was easy to work with and priced matched it quickly in a chat session. It's nice to have a number of good options out there for ordering bike stuff.

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    I had Jenson price match on something I thought there was no way...and they did as well as send me a newer version. My only issue with them is the delivery service they us, the guy always pulls up in a personal car and has harassed my wife twice. Granted its not them but has put me off a bit.

    Backcountry is amazing too. Their return policy is what gets me every time. Never used it but its great to know its there.

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