GT Avalanche X Mountain Bike - Garage Sale Savings

For $730?! You could do a hell of a lot worse for a sub $1000 mountain bike! Only size XL left!

I also found this commuter, and am on the fence about it. I need a commuter, but am in no hurry at the moment. I can wait for a better deal. Does it get much better than this deal? Viaggio Hybrid Bike - Garage Sale Savings

Advantages: Light for a cheap commuter; hybrid road/ commuter which seems to be the best choice for a mild weather commute where I live; pretty much the price I was looking to spend on a commuter; Has everything I need on it, including a rack!; has 24 speeds, it seems a lot of commuters right now are single speed or much more limited range

Disadvantages: Would set back the build progress of my mountain bike; I have a bike to use for a commuter, it just isn't the best thing for the job; I am really heavy and afraid the suspension seatpost and cheap fork will give me too many problems and need replacing; cheap 'meh' parts that might not really be worth the tag as much as just getting my current bike set up.