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    Evans Cycles

    anyone deal with them before on warranty issue / customer services?
    I am having some issue and was wondering anyone had manage to talk to someone higher up than their standard replied.
    Took 2 week to replied to me regards my warranty despite many emails to them.. all i was get that someone is looking at it and will get back to me. and it was after 2 week later that I got an email to aplogise for the delay and for me to send them the product back to inspect
    The shipping cost already cost half the price that I pay for.. .to send back the parts would cost me 80 dollars.. and I paid 180 for the item.

    Long story short. I email them for advise and if anyone could help me with this as this is getting too long.. and sending the items back cost too much. and all I got from them was that. I just have to wait till the warranty department get back to me and they cannot just prioritise certain customers.. ..
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