I recently ordered the Performance Thermal Tights with chamois (Pad per order invoice) with some other clothes (used coupons, sales, etc). I know their website is not real-time, and so my e-mail confirmation states that they are backordered. Oh well it is warming up anyway I'll just save them for next year, right? Wrong!!

It just so happens that a pair of shorts I ordered were severely mis-sized (always wear a 32-34 waist short = M) their M = 28-30 waist. Interestingly, one of their "large" long-sleeved jerseys was way too big (all other large jerseys are perfect for me). But , I digress.

So, I send back the shorts and I just received an e-mail saying they have shipped SOMETHING to me, but not sure what. I call customer service and get a nice rep. I ask her what is being shipped, and she replies that the shorts are being shipped. I inquire about the tights, and she says that they are discontinued and I will not be receiving them, at ALL!! Was someone going to bother to tell me this? She says not to worry, because I wasn’t charged for the item, and offers to help me purchase another pair of tights. I say I wanted to get the same deal I had for those tights. Her reply “Oh I’m sorry.”

I recommend checking with Performance anytime your item is backordered, especially if it is a seasonal item.

Thanks for letting me rant. Ahhh, feel much better now.