ZTR Olympic Abuse-ability

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  • 02-02-2012
    ZTR Olympic Abuse-ability
    hey there, this might seem like a silly question but I currently run ZTR Olympics on Hope Pro II hubs that I got very lightly used.

    The Olympic's have an very small rim width and I was wondering - if I plan on riding more aggressively, with frequent technical sections and drops - should I build up another wheelset with wider, thicker rims?

    I feel like I ride pretty smoothly and I'm also fairly light myself if that would make more of a difference.. The wheelset is damn light as well and I really do love em as is.

    I'd rather not spend the money to build up another wheelset buuutt another part of me says it'd be nice to have and I can, uh, justify it by telling myself I'll put them on a purpose built long travel bike down the road..

    anyways, appreciate any advice!
  • 02-02-2012
    If you've already got the wheels, why not just ride them till you break or dent the rims then rebuild at that point? Might as well get some miles out of the investment you've already made.

    I just built up a set of wheels with ZTR Crest rims and Hope Pro II Evo hubs, but I don't really have enough miles on them to give a good assessment of durability yet.
  • 02-03-2012
    team ti
    I have a 3 year old Stan's built set that I've been riding and racing on the Northshore and Whistler. The alloy nipples on the rear started breaking last year plus I broke a spoke but the rims themselves have held up to the gnar. I am about 155 in season and ride skinnier (2.0) tires
  • 02-04-2012
    foot hill
    I am 160lbs and ride full suspension xc blur. 2.2 wtb wolverines. 20psi ft. 25psi rear. Never had a problem with them😄

    Got a set of Olympics about four years ago. At first I was afraid to ride them as hard as other rims.
    But I got over that in just a few rides.
    Now, looking back they were great rims!
    Took me to the finish of three ts100's. Three or four trips to Downieville ( just examples of areas known for abusing rims)

    I did break two alloy nipples. One while riding. And the other tensioning or truing.
    Anyhow, great rim, a little narrow,super light, The spokes (dt Swiss supercomp) got so beat up from rocks and chain slap. I just decided it was time.
    So built up set of crest. Which I am very happy with also. (the extra width is nice if using larger than 2.1 tires)

    Now...I'll prob. Build them up for my wife.
    If your heavier, don't keep eye on tension,ride a hard tail or use smaller tires you might not have same luck.
    Hope you do😄
  • 02-21-2012
    I used Olympics for Leadville where I seriously abused them, hitting every rocky downhill as fast as I could pedal.
    Not only did they hold up but they were as true after the race as the day I built them.