Ive been looking for tires and from reading more and more, I keep getting the same thing. At first I was worried about rolling resistance etc, but soon realized that low rolling resistance isnt going to do me any good if I cant trust to push that tire hard. From what Ive gathered low rolling resistance = low tread blocks. That might not work well at times, but neither will tall thread blocks.

None the less, I LOVED the minions but they were very heavy for AM riding. Not the end of the world, but why have that extra rotating weight if it isnt necessary. With these new Specializes tires coming out, and VERY closely resembling the Minions, I think these might be the tire for me.

1. What Im wondering is how these tires are doing?
2. What do you run as your F and R combo and on what kind of terrain?
3. Are the sizes " true to size " ? Any comparative pictures?
4. Are these decent in wet conditions? Like not sopping wet soil but wet stuff? Or is that a call for my beloved swamp things?
5. Where is the cheapest place to buy them? From reading around Specialized is a stickler for discounting their stuff.

BTW Id do AM and light FR ( wet ladders at times and log rides ) I weigh say 180 max with gear.