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    WTB Slick for 559 x 19 rim 1.85 or 1.5?

    I picked up a set of WTB slicks in 1.85" for my eBike with 559 x 19 rims. Looking at the tires, they look awfully tall and narrow at the rim. The tires state to use "17 to 27" wide rims.

    The Slicks are replacing 1.95" x 26 tires, so I went with a similar size, but now I'm worried about pinch flats. Should I get the 1.5" slicks?
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    they'll be fine. no worries. going to 1.5" wouldn't do anything.
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    I looked at the 1.5" tires in the store since the WTB site lacks the info.
    WTB Products Tires Hybrid Slick

    1.5 " 45-80 psi 17-23 rim width
    1.85" 35-65 psi 17-27 rim width

    So the 1.85" gives the option of going lower in the air. I think I'll keep those tires. I put in Slime tubes, so I just hope I never pinch flat.
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