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    WTB Dissent 2.5???

    hey all...

    I am a huge fan of WTB tires and have recently tried some other brands that I won in raffles at races (kenda nevagals, evolution nobby nics) and I am still sold on WTB.

    I seen the Dissent 2.5 on their site and have thought about giving them a try...

    I ride single track, double track, gravel, downhill, XC, freeride, and anything else that is out in the hills...

    My biggest problem is major traction/momentum loss in gravel and sand. I know that is normal, but I think maybe the width and grip of the Dissents will help... Another major issue is the rear tire sliding around when I corner turns because of the speed... it happens a lot more than I would like it to. And, until I wore down the tread on my WTB Raptors, I did not have these issues as bad.

    Has anyone used the Dissent 2.5's??

    If so, I would like to get your feedback on what you think of them...

    The Mutano Raptors WTB used to make are not on their site anymore and I cannot seem to locate them anywhere...
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    I've used 'em, and am not a fan. They roll pretty quick for a 2.5, and the cornering was pretty good on Trestle Bike Park full lean. Anything other than fully cranked over in a corner was mega sketchy and the front slid out out me multiple times in the knob transition from center to side knob.
    2.5 High Rollers are far superior to the Dissent, in my experience/opinion.

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    I have run the 2.3 on my am type bike and i liked it pretty well, but you do have to be known as a aggressive leaner. If the old weirwolf felt scary then stay away from these. Wtb designed these with a big channel for the fall away feeling and to do well in soft dirt. If your are on hardpack (trestle or most colorado lift stuff) get ready to lean far to hook. A few videos to get a warm fuzzy on the tire before you spent some cash. Hope this helps.
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