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    Started with stan's then switched to slime pro, which seems to last much longer. I have whipped up my first batch of home brew (windshield fluid and latex) and will be experimenting with that soon...

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    Why isn't Slime used as opposed to Stan's?

    Quote Originally Posted by BodegaBay View Post
    Zach: so it's OK to switch to Orange Seal after you've used Stan's on your current tires? I just had my first tubeless setup done at the bike shop using Stan's sealant before reading about OS. I live in the high desert and expect the Stan's to dry out quickly. Will refill with OS instead.
    Both Stans and OS use natural latex so yes they can be mixed. The only sealant I'm aware of that does use natural latex is Cafelatex which has a unique artificial base. It can't be mixed with natural latex. Read the ingredients, natural always mixes with natural, even with Slime mixed in.

    IME, again, homebrew is as reliable as any commercial latex sealant and SUBSTANTIALLY less expensive.

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