I've narrowed my wheel search down to these three. All seem to get good reviews. I'd like to get some opinions before I'll pull the trigger (I'm not in any hurry, I have to sell off a bike and a frame before I spend the money).

So, the facts: 190# rider, hard tail 29er, I'm still more or less a beginner so I'm not the most graceful person on the trail, will be riding tubeless, will be racing, the local trails are very rocky. My max price is $600.

All three wheelsets are tubless ready, so that's good. The Black Flags come with sealant, so that's a bonus. The Arch wheelset is the lightest. The Terrain wheelset is the least expensive. The Arch and Terrain both come with traditional hook-type spokes, which I'm lead to believe results in a less-stiff wheel.

I'm leaning toward the Black Flag Experts. I think my only reservation about that is that they're 28 spokes F/R. Arch and Terrain are both 32. I haven't seen any kind of rider weight limit for the Black Flags, but durability is pretty important and will probably win out over weight and/or stiffness.

I've heard great things about customer service from Stan's. Anyone have any experiences with Sun Ringle or American Classic?

I guess in order of importance:
1. Durability
2. Stiffness
3. Weight

In compensation for your well-considered advice, I offer this red panda failing to open a door:

Wheelsets:  Stan's Arch / SR Black Flag Expert / AC Terrain-panda.jpg

Thank you.