Hi all,

I recently bought a set of wheels that came with this tyre on the rear, a Specialized Roller Pro in 2.4. Yesterday I used the tyre for the first time at my local trail park. All hard-pack and gravel. The tyre was a revelation! I loved it. The grip was fantastic , it just bit right in. I could climb gravel tracks where you would normally be trying not to spin and you never felt like it was sliding in corners.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. When I fitted it I noticed that there was only maybe three-millimetres clearance at the seat-stays and sure enough, it's rubbing under load. Not badly but enough to do damage long term.

So I've got two options. Buy something else or shave a few mil' off the side knobs. I went out to the shed tonight and lifted a knife but I just couldn't bring myself to hack into such a nice tyre.

My questions are, would cutting a few mil' off the outside edge of those knobs hurt the performance of them badly and if so, what tyre could I buy in a narrower size that might give similar performance? The Maxxis High Roller looks good?

Thank you,
Mr Pig.