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    New question here. versatile front disk hub

    1. Which front disk hub and be convered to 9mm QR, 15mm, or 20mm TA?
    My hub budget can go up to $200

    2. Is the new 15mm axle noticeably stiffer/faster on descends then 9mm QR?
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    I think Hope is a clear answer here, except that I don't know if they have a 15mm conversion released yet... Their hub is fairly easy to convert from 20mm to QR.

    As for the stiffness, I haven't ridden a 15mm yet, so I can't comment on that.

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    15mm is no prob on a pro 2 here is the kit.

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    excellent craftsmanship, CS and US made.

    red barn link

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    DT Swiss 240s is very versatile and need very little work to change between axles.

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