Hi! Is there anyone who's kind enough to measure the perpendicular distance from the rotor mounting surface to the non-drive side axle end surface (the flat end that sticks to the flat inner side of the non-drive side dropout of the frame) of their Tune MTB Disc QR front and rear hubs? I am trying to get a spare wheel with Tune hubs, but I'm not sure I want to spend a huge amount again on their most expensive hubs just to be able to change wheels without adjusting the calipers during a race. My other wheels have Extralite hubs and the Hyperhubs have a longer distance compared to the Ultrahubs SPD. I'm not sure I want the idea putting shims on WW wheels that I spent a fortune for. So I am buying another wheelset with Hyperhubs, and am wondering if I need to do the same with my Tune wheels.

I need measurements for these:

Princess Skyline:


I will measure my hubs tonight when I get home.