• 02-08-2007
    tubeless rim, non ust fire xc pro
    Tubeless neophyte so I'm seeking guidance.

    I just got a pair of used Bonty Race Lite wheels ( to replace my superstocks) that are tubeless ready. Never used tubeless before. I have a brand new pair of PR Fire XC Pros (tubed version) which i think ive read can be used tubeless with stans.


    Can these tires be used tubeless on these rims?

    How (step by step instructions if youve got the time)?

    Is it worth it or should i just run them with tubes or get ust tires?

  • 02-08-2007
    Psycho Mike
    I've got the Race Disc wheels on my ride and run a standard Fire XC Pro without any problems...so yes, the tires and rims can be used for "ghetto tubeless."

    To do so, you'll need a sealant. The most common is Stan's and the instructions are right on the bottle.

    In a basic nutshell, you mount the tire on one side of the rim (as if you were getting ready to put in a tube), add the sealant, finish mounting the tire and then inflate using a good floor pump or compressor to get the bead seated. Once seated, you'll need to swish the sealant around the tire to seal the tire up (tube tires have many, many tiny holes). Let it sit overnight, swish again, add any make-up air to bring he tire to your desired pressure and you should be set. As I said, the instructions are on the bottle.

    I've found it to be worth it...I'm a bigger guy and I can run more reasonable pressures without pinch flatting. On top of that, the tires seem to grip better and roll faster in the dirt as they are more pliant.

    You're welcome :)
  • 02-09-2007
    Great info, thats what I'll do