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    Tubeless Pressure, Rider Weight, Tire Size - POLL

    Let's see your Tubeless tire pressure, your weight and wheel size comparisons. I'll start first.

    Terrain type, clay medium packed, sometimes muddy

    20psi F/R, 148lbs fully equipped, 29x2.25 nobby nics

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    25 psi front, 27 psi rear, 175lbs, 26 and 29 x2.25 maxxis ardent UST.

    I'm Increasing my rear pressure to just above 30 because I've been pinching the side wall on jump landings. I started at 22 psi and I've been slowly increasing each time I pinch the walls. Happened a few times so far on different rims too.
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    My pressures vary a lot depending on the type of riding I do. I'm about 145 lb. Ride Turner 5 spot with 26" rear and 650B front. Oh, almost forgot. Tire size is 26X2.3 rear and 650BX2.3 front.

    Rooted, technical riding (up or down) - around 20 psi
    Long fire road climbing - 35 psi
    Descending on fire road stuff - maybe around 30 psi
    Smooth hard packed single track - 25-30 psi.

    Bottom line is I vary the tire pressures for the kind of riding I'll be doing. For me, I think of my bike as a 4x4 trail truck that you'd drive to the trails, do some rock crawling or trail running, see what you can accomplish. Then at the end of the day, air up the tire and drive it home again. Sometimes the truck breaks, fix it so that it can be driven home again.

    Great poll, will be interesting to see what others put down.

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    Specialized Purgatory 29" x 2.2" 2Bliss

    Current weight 210 lbs

    Silty Loam to Silty Clay Loam riding surface, wet in the winter, many logs and roots, a few rocks

    26-28 psi

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    205 lbs.

    rigid ss, 23mm rims with Geax TNT 2.2 tires
    21psi f/r

    FS, 21mm rims with Schwalbe EVO 2.25 tires
    27psi f, 29 psi r

    terrain: rocks, gravel over hardpack, more rocks (embeded limestone)

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    I just my first set of tubeless wheels and tires. This thread has been helpful.
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    220. High rocky mountains terrain. RR 29"-2.25f. 24psi. Ardent 2.25r 29psi. Both for rigid SS SPEED. Other is FS. ingnitor 29" 2.1 30psi and geax suagro 2.2 34psi.
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    Front 24 psi, rear 25-27 psi on Mavic XM819 with WTB Prowler MX 2.3 UST

    I'm 200 lbs fully geared up.

    Terrain is northern AZ (Prescott) - loose over hardpack (mostly granite), rocks (vary from small to large), dirt. Very dry and dusty.

    Also hit lower desert this time of year with same pressures - loose over hardpack and sandy, not as rocky.

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    28 front WTB 2.3 Stout
    30 rear Kenda 2.2 Slant Six
    SF Bay Area

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    F: 2,4Ardent 18 PSI
    R: 2.3 Exiwolf 22 PSI

    Terrain: Rocky/hardpack

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    215 pounds, schwalbe fat albert front, albert rear on Mavic 819 rims. 28 front and 30 rear in the bay area, bump it up a couple of pounds for Downieville and Tahoe with all the sharp rocks.
    Riding slowly since 1977.

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    200 lbs geared up on a FS 29er

    Ride everywhere I can in SoCal and SW Utah mostly, XC and lite AM type stuff at high speed

    Rotate around between Geax Sagauros and Panaracer CG....always 26-28 psi

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    24 psi F/R, 165 lbs, 29x2.2 Geax AKA on Enve XC UST rims.

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    I have only a few rides on some new Hans Dampfs, so far running front 26psi, rear 28psi.

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    25F/28R Maxxis Ikon EXOs on 29er Crest rims. 170 lbs. riding a 29er hardtail on primarily loose over hardpack interspersed with some rough off camber granite sections.

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