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    New question here. Tire wobble, Rim true?

    Had my rear tire burp on me yesterday coming around a corner (Hope to never have that happen again it was quite disconcerting). The tire seated back up, I put some air in it and didn't think anything about it. Today however I noticed a pretty decent tire wobble. Removed the tire and the rim is true. Reinstalled the tire pumped up to 60psi to seat and its still there. Any ideas? If it matter Im running Bontrager Rhytmn comp wheels, with High roller 2 exos. Up to yesterday they've been flawless.

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    It sounds like either the tire isn't seated correctly or the casing is broken. Most tires have a line right above the rim sidewall, if you spin the wheel and look at this line it should be even all the way around. If it is high or low anywhere then the tire is not seated on the rim right, if it is even then the tire casing is bad.

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