I am now three for three. Flat tires on three consecutive rides that is. All of the flats have been very small pin prick type holes about 4mm off the centerline of the tube. I have inspected everything in great detail. I marked the valve location on the tire prior to removal to locate the area on the tire. I have closely inspected the tire on both sides under a powerful lamp while rubbing with my fingers. I have repaired at least 100 flats over my thirty plus years of riding (family of three cyclists with a nice stable) that I am sure I am doing it right. This particular gremlin is in the rear tire of a full suspension bike with Specilized Adrenaline Pro 2.0 pumped up to 35lbs for tech and 45lbs for less tech riding. The tire holds air fine between rides. Bad Luck? Procedural? Tire Issue?