Tire advice - Schwalbe

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  • 10-27-2012
    Tire advice - Schwalbe
    I'm looking for advice from anyone who's ridden The Schwalbe's.

    I'm making the jump to 27.5.

    On my 29'r (Superfly 100) I've got a SZ Captain Control 2.2 on the front and a Hutchinson Toro toughskin 2.15 on the back with good results. I tried the thinner sidewall S-Works Captains and the rocks shredded them pretty quickly. I run tubeless.

    I'll be riding in the high desert all winter...loose/sharp rocks, some deep sand and gravel...lots of thorns :)

    It looks like there'll be lots of choices next year but I'm in need of some tires for this winter season in the desert.

    I'm thinking Hans Dampf and/or Nobby Nic and would love insight as what to run front/ rear.

    Hans Dampf 27.5x2.35 Trailstar & Snakeskin front and/or rear

    Nobby Nic either 2.75x2.25 Pacestar or... rear

    Nobby Nic 2.75x2.35 Pacestar & Snakeskin front or rear

    Any advice?
  • 10-28-2012
    From my experience, and people I know Shwalbe do tend to cut sidewalls easily unless you have the reinforced version.
  • 10-28-2012
    I do not have a lot of experience with tires in general as I have only been on a mountain bike for one summer, however I am on my third bike already and they all came with different tires. I am currently running Nobby Nic 29x2.35 EVO, Snakeskin, Pacestar, on my Trek Superfly. I ride almost all my miles on and over rocks. I have had no issues with side walls at all. The only thing is the casing seems to bleed a little. The tires do not lose air at all, just get wet spots in between the lugs from time to time. No issue. The traction is incredible.
    I should say I am running tubeless, Stans sealant and Stans Crest rims. I run 20 psi front and 21 psi rear. I weigh 185#