• 06-19-2008
    Sun-Ringle Equalizer Rims (27,29 or 31)..........
    Anyone running these? I searched and found the post about the dude running the XC rims laced to Tune hubs, crazy light build.

    Looking to build a light but strong wheel w/ either of the above widths. May play around with a 31mm rear and 29mm front.

    Curious to see if anyone has thrashed on these yet........
  • 10-01-2008
    My buddy has a set of equalizer 29's on his street bike and thrashes them. If you keep the spokes tight they can take a bit of a beating. I've already ordered a set of 31's fo my am/dh bike
  • 10-09-2008
    I'm using the Charger wheelset which includes EQ 27's. They are a great value and strong!