I am building two wheelsets and would like your opinions. One of the wheelsets I am going to use and the other I will probably sell. I will not actually be building them as I am still learning but a buddy of mine has been building wheels since he was born. Anyways heres what I got...

Sun DS-1 XC rims, 32 hole disc specific 400g (black in color with red)
WTB Dual Duty XC rims, 32 hole disc or v-brake (black in color with blue)

Shimano LX Center-lock 9sp 32 hole (grey in color)
Shimano XT Center-lock 9sp 32 hole

I am thinking I want to build the XT hubs on to the Sun rims with black spokes and red aluminum nipples. Obviously I could make this decision on my own but I just wanted some feedback.