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    Sun 0 Degree XC Tire Mounting Issue?

    I'm looking at a wheelset with these rims, but heard from one experienced user that it is just about impossible to mount tires to them. Could scare me away...

    Any other feedback? Are these rims THAT difficult to mount tires to? They'll be laced to Surly News with Velociraptor 2.1's.


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    Yes - tire mounting is very difficult. I wouldn't buy them again.

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    Not that bad. Yeah, they're tight, but as long as you make certain to keep the bead in the center of the rim (where the diameter is a bit less), you can mount/remove kevlar-beaded tires without too much of a struggle. You may need to use a tire iron, but they're not that bad. YMMV, especially if you use a tire with a wire bead.
    - Joe

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    Do what NuMex said plus get a set of steel tire levers from your LBS and you'll be fine.

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