New wheels for Christmas . I am weighing up between :-

Subrosa EVO 30AL
+ Extra width (30/24.5)
+ Little bit cheaper
+ Ti Grey colour
- 20gms heavier (520gm)

Spike Race 28 EVO
+ Lighter (500gm)
- Narrower (28/22)

Are there any other pros/cons that I am not aware of?

I will be be building these on DT 240s hubs and running them tubeless. Will the Subrosa, being wider, be harder to mount tubeless tires? I have read elsewhere that both these rim are pretty tight with UST tires (because of the rim profile) but nowhere compares the two.

Any experience with either? Will the extra width of the Subrosa far outweigh the minor weight increase, or will I not notice?