Alrighty - I got myself a new set of the Bontrager Jones AC X tubeless ready tires not to long ago (the 2.35 width) to mount on my DT 5.1D rims - I was getting a new SC Blur LT and asked the shop to mount up the tires for me - He had the DT tubeless conversion kit but told me after many attempts that he simply gave up and slapped an innertube into them - the bead was too tight and couldn't get the conversion kit to work!

I've read in the reviews that these tires are difficult to mount but didn't realize that this was going to be "impossible" to do. I would've gotten a different set of tires if I knew this was the case.

Has anyone else experienced this with these rims or tires? Any workarounds? Searches I performed on this forum didn't turn up much...